YOGA as a lifestyle

Yoga as a way, as a path to go back to ourselves. A practice that guide us trough a journey of self discovery, to connect with our inner wisdom and realize our inner power.Recognizing our body as our temple, as our home… we go back to ourselves to listen and observe. To become aware of the life we are, to remember we ARE nature. A way to explore our being in order to connect with our inner light and BECOME light.

Yoga, meaning “union”, is the practice of becoming ONE with everything that it IS… where our individual consciousness fuses with the universal consciousness… and magic happens! Yoga as a lifestyle...
To make silence… to realize the stillness and emptiness within ourselves.
To observe our noisy mind and recognize our thoughts and patterns. 
To relax, let go, trust and surrender to the natural rhythm of life. 
To activate our energetic field and align ourselves to our full capacity. 
To connect with our Being, to feel ourselves and our emotions.
To find balance within ourselves and integrate equanimity (non-duality).
To harmonize our bodies, release blockages and open up to allow the light come through us… the barriers around us vanish and we can feel the whole universe within ourselves.  

What does it mean to practice Yoga? “The art of experience”… as my teacher Summit defines it. An invitation to live your own experience through the path of Yoga, to make your own inner journey to discover yourself. Connecting with your needs, with what feels good for you and the effect it does in your whole Being.

"The pose in Yoga is not the goal. Being flexible or standing on your hands is not the goal. The goal is to create space where you have been once trapped. To discover the layers of protection that you had built around your heart. Appreciating your body, becoming aware of the mind and the noise it creates. To be in peace with who you are. The goal is to love."
- Geeta Iyengar