Why Hatha Yoga is so powerful?

Why Hatha Yoga is so powerful?

Between the benefits of the Hatha Yoga, it will mainly help to improve your body posture; you will gain more flexibility and muscle strength, while releasing stress. At the same time, meaning «ha» to the sun and «tha» to the moon, Hatha Yoga has as it’s principle the balance of opposites;

  • it brings strength but also lightness to the body and thoughts,
  • it combines expansion with withdrawal,
  • fills us with energy at the same time that it soothes us,
  • balances our feminine aspects with the masculine ones,
  • exercise our physical body while practice stillness,
  • action with intuition,
  • the physical bodies with the subtle ones,
  • our right hemisphere of the brain with the left,
  • the right side of the body with its opposite,
  • And restores the connection between mind and body.

A spiritual path that begins from the physical body, as we practice we become more aware of our breathing, we become more present and connect with our inner peace.


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