By Amaia, from LA POSADA DEL TÉ

"Nature. She is the Mother, the Teacher, our protector and our provider, she deserves the greatest respect and an unconditional love and care. That means that every creature that lives on it must be protected and loved, and we have a lot of responsibility on that." This was the thought I had years ago when I decided to change most of my life habits, not just with food, also in my whole way of living. I realized that eat what Nature gives to us made me more conscious and more connected with everything and kept me healthier than I have ever been. Also, I created a new way of making art, an edible one, an art full of emotions and love that connects me so deep with food and with people.

I read this book, where a lady chef had the power of share her feelings through cooking and the people who ate that food could feel at that right moment the feelings of that lady chef, if she was sad, people became sad, and if she was happy people just felt like that. That story was a revelation for myself, and I thought that this would be the reason I started to cook like I do.

Plant based cooking is not just about vegetables, it is a philosophy that combines food, health, and consciousness. I just love so deeply go visiting my friend’s farm (Juanlu, from MalasJierbas) and choose, directly from the field, all the colourful ingredients that are there for me. This kind of feeling is like true love. Something difficult to explain, it is something that Mother earth gives to us, no asking anything back, it’s just like that, a huge gift, real happiness. I always say that Mother Nature is my colour palette, and the dish is my canvas, its always exciting because it’s always different.

Cooking with love, passion and kindness as the Mother Nature as my teacher.”