ORÁCULO RENACER "El juego de la vida"

Since I have memory, I remember myself wanting to paint the walls of my room.. and my moms answer to it… NO. They didn’t really encourage kids back then to follow their passions… So I’ve got to say that I had to make my own way to discover how much my soul wanted to express through art! Not something that you learn in school or university, but more about a language that I found to set my soul free! To shout, yell and express all the complexity of my inner world. Yes, that’s it.

When I started the journey to discover myself.. I realized that I had so many things I needed to communicate, so many deep feelings and lessons that I wanted to share. That’s how it all started. A blank paper in the back of a book, a few pencils I carried with me.. and the beginning of something that would change the way I see myself completely. I started to draw myself. 

Back then social media was non of my interest, so I kind of had my drawing as a way to share myself. To me. Without realizing I started to register my personal journey through them. 

A year later I had this crazy idea to scan the drawings and make them digital, so I could have copies. I remember living in India and going to a local cyber where they could scan them… and this guy helping me out.. trying to make little cards with them. I didn’t know where I was going with it.. the idea just came into my mind… and I had a good feeling, so didn’t doubt it at all…………….And finally, it was done. I’ve got my drawings turn into cards… and I was able to share them?!? Really?!? 

I felt so proud of myself, such a simple but meaningful thing just happened.

Since then, I have been carrying this cards with me. Always in my hand bag, and whenever I felt the situation was up for it.. I would take them out and offer to whoever was “asking for them” (I really liked the surprise when people don’t understand what they have to do… haha) “Yes, just pick a card”. I would show them facing down, like a game, and each person had to pick one randomly and receive their message. Ha! I’m not sure who enjoyed that moment the most.. them or me! It was like magic! A simple game. I just wanted to keep giving them away. So that’s what I did. And every time they were finished, I would print them again to always have some with me! Freaky freak… haha. It was amuuuussinggggg!Time went by and I kept drawing… being each drawing a reflection of every version of me. I kept adding them to the “mazo” and sharing them wherever I’d go. It was already part of me. Six years after that first drawing, I realized I had been doing it for long time … and that I had no idea how many drawings I had.. but they where a lot! Without even knowing I realized I had an oracle, well.. actually the oracle had me. I have been doing it for years.. WoW!So, I decided to create it. Completely. And put into it all the stories and adventures I went through the journey. Sharing every learning, I created a game … “El juego de la vida” / “the game of life”. It’s called Renacer, which means reborn. Because, ….another interested thing I discovered is … that’s the meaning of my name. 

So, here I am… creating a whole dynamic combining the drawings with reflections and learnings to offer a guidance for whoever is opened to live their own transformation process. Or at least that is my intention. I won’t know how it goes, until you tell me.


Are you ready?!