Who we are?

From different parts of the world, we came together and combined our passions to create a unique experience for you! 

Our aim is to bring together passionate people that love what they do and co-create a unique experience. An opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, discover yourself in a new way and re-connect with who you truly are.


 Our story.

Five years ago, our paths unexpectedly crossed while traveling. Since then we have built our life wherever we went. An adventurous, simple life, in harmony with everything around us. Along the way we discovered our passions, we lived in different cities, explored cultures and made friends wherever we go. Today we combine our personalities to create this project together.  

Renata is from Argentina, she is a Hatha Yoga teacher and kindergarten teacher. She is passionate about art as a healer, loves to create and hug.

Andreas is from Chile, in love with surfing and waves. He discovered his passion for teaching others how to surf. He is a  funny, simple and sweet person.